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  1. A Skip of the Beat A Change of the Heart
    Live performance, installation: various materials, various dimensions, 2021

    “A Skip of the Beat A Change of the Heart” is a lecture performance by Will Fredo and LoMaasBello developed in 2020 in Colombia that connects stories of Afro dances with sexual, social, political, gender, and metaphysical liberation, in relation to settler state policies of appropriation in US and Latin America.

    Originally this performance was pre-recorded during Covid and streamed for a Goethe Institut online event.

    This performance and installation was adapted specifically for the group exhibition “Dance Trans* Revolution” at apexart in New York curated by After Party Collective formed by artist-curator duo Vidisha-Fadescha and Shaunak Mahbubani.

    LoMaasBello is a trans Afro-marica artist based in Bogotá, who uses music and rhymes from the resistance to express the experiences—mostly violent—of bodies that escape the norm.